About Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM)

For more than three decades, the field of Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) has been concerned with the study of how people make decisions in complex real-world settings that can include dynamic, uncertain and continually changing conditions, and can require real-time decisions in urgent situations with significant consequences for mistakes.

NDM topics also include studies of expert reasoning, sensemaking, and cognitive task analysis to design technologies for supporting individual and team performance in complex cognitive work systems.

NDM | An Introductory Video

What we have learned about NDM has changed the way we train decision makers, the types of decision support we provide, and the way we design organizations. These lessons are currently being applied in the areas of healthcare, law enforcement, firefighting, nuclear and petrochemical power plant operations, military command and control, crisis response, information technology and aviation.

NDM Conferences

The NDM conferences have been the world’s leading conferences on Naturalistic Decision Making. The first NDM conference was held in 1989. In 2019 we celebrated 30 years of research. The NDM conferences alternate between the U.S. and Europe biennially and provide a forum for discussion, debate and engagement between academics and practitioners.  The events cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Decision making under stress and uncertainty
  • Strategies to support rapid decision making
  • Decision making in information visualizations, user interfaces design, macrocognition and adaptive performance
  • Decision making in automation and explainable artificial intelligence
  • Decision making for the Internet and consumer decisions
  • Decision making in the workplace and in organization

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