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We study how experts make decisions under pressure

What is Naturalistic Decision Making?

Naturalistic Decision Making is a framework used to study, inform, and improve how people make decisions in demanding, real-world situations.

The Naturalistic Decision Making Framework:

NDM consists of various tools, theories, concepts, and methods for understanding complex cognitive functions.

The framework includes the following general phases:

  • Multiple players
  • Dynamic settings
  • Uncertainty
  • Organizational constraints
  • Vague goals
  • Developing mental models
  • Managing uncertainty
  • Identifying leverage points
  • Cognitive Task Analysis
  • Mental simulation and storyboarding
  • Finding common ground
  • Creating courses of action
  • Retain institutional knowledge
  • Faster, more-effective training
  • Better safety protocols
  • Improved risk management
  • Increased innovation
  • More productive collaboration

Learn more about NDM Tools and how they can be used to understand expertise:

How Organizations Can Benefit from NDM:

Successfully-implemented NDM approaches produce many competitive advantages:


Better decision-making means decreased costs and increased value proposition—especially in large-scale, high-stakes industries.


Managing risk in dangerous lines of work is crucial. NDM tools use mental models to streamline, disseminate, and scale expertise to avoid novice errors.


Methods to quickly and effectively improve employee decision-making reduces the cost of mistakes and improves operations.


Clear and effective decision-making helps improve performance speed and effectiveness, saving money, time, and other valuable resources.


NDM helps synthesize ideas across multiple teams and departments. Better collaboration leads to enhanced problem-solving and encourages innovation.


When employees feel supported by clear, effective strategies and plans of action, they become more invested in and enthusiastic about their work.

Who are NDM Practitioners?

NDM practitioners are researchers, educators, trainers, directors, entrepreneurs, and executives whose work spans numerous, high-stakes industries.


Meet some of them and learn about their work on the podcast Naturalistic Decision Making with Brian Moon and Laura Militello.

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