Accelerating Workforce Training: Introducing the CTA in E/Affect Initiative


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Whether you want to find new work opportunities, expand your impact, build your reputation, or leave a legacy, the quality of your personal and professional connections make a huge difference.


As an NDM expert, there’s no better way to consistently build new and deeper relationships with your peers than by becoming a member of the NDM Association.

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Our online member group is extremely welcoming, engaging, and user-friendly.


It’s a space where NDM novices, experts, and clients of all backgrounds can converge to share insights, problems, and perspectives relating to various aspects of NDM work.

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Explore other NDM professionals – their interests, skills, and touchpoints. And make connections with emerging pros and potential clients.

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Enhance your skills and make personal connections through NDMA-organized events and NDMA-endorsed courses.

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Looking to make a move? Find your next research project? NDMA Opportunities offer a curated list of jobs and projects to help you find your next big thing.

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NDM pros take on wicked problems. Thorny questions persist. Open discussion and debate can help you get feedback and drive NDM into the future.

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Part of our core mission is to grow public awareness of NDM research, along with investment in its applications.


By becoming a member of the NDMA, you are helping to create a bigger platform for amplifying the accomplishments of our community, which benefits everyone.

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