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Our Story

For nearly four decades, the field of Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) has been concerned with the study of how people make decisions in complex real-world settings that can include dynamic, uncertain and continually changing conditions, and can require real-time decisions in urgent situations with significant consequences for mistakes. What we have learned about NDM has changed the way we train decision makers, the types of decision support we provide, and the way we design organizations. 

The NDM conferences have been the world’s leading conferences on Naturalistic Decision Making since 1989. The conferences have alternated between the U.S. and Europe biennially, and have served to disseminate new development in knowledge elicitation, training, system design, evaluation, and teamwork.

The NDM Association was incorporated in 2021.

Our Mission


To strengthen existing relationships, frameworks, and programs within the NDM field


To expand awareness of NDM and its valuable interdisciplinary applications


To diversify the NDM community and its scope of practice

Our Board

Brian Moon

Executive Director

Brian Moon is Chief Technology Officer at Perigean Technologies; President of Sero! Learning Assessments.

Laura Militello

Vice Executive Director

Laura Militello is Cofounder of Applied Decision Science, LLC and Unveil, LLC. 

Gary Klein


Gary Klein, PhD, is a cognitive psychologist who, in 1986, described how people actually make decisions. He helped start the Naturalistic Decision Making movement in 1989. He founded his new company, ShadowBox, in 2014.



Open Board Seat. 




The NDM logo represents expert decision making in naturalistic environments. It’s a modern take on the book cover that started it all.