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RELEASE: Statement in Support of Missy Cummings

February 8th, 2022
Statement in Support of Dr. Missy Cummings
FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — In response to recent threats made against Dr. Missy Cummings, the Naturalistic Decision Making Association issues the following statement of support for Dr. Cummings:
The NDMA recognizes the valuable contributions of Dr. Cummings and her colleagues toward the pursuit of better, safer joint human and machine systems. Moreover, the NDMA advocates for the fundamental right of all researchers to pursue answers to critical questions and solutions to vexing problems free from personal threat.
The NDMA comprises a global community of professionals committed to the understanding and improvement of human performance, with a particular emphasis on supporting decision making in complex environments. Members represent industry, academia, and governmental organizations who seek,
among other things, to design, evaluate, and implement systems that improve the quality and safety of human endeavors, particularly in the workplace. To this end, NDMA members study humans performing work in joint human and machine systems, with a focus on optimizing human capabilities and reducing risks.
The NDMA offers support and encouragement to Dr. Cummings in her academic and governmental pursuits, and advocates for the dissemination of her important work for consideration in the design of joint human and machine systems.

The NDMA, on behalf of the undersigned:
 Brian Moon, Kristine Hadeed | Perigean Technologies
Laura Militello, Katie Ernst, Christen Sushereba, Eli Wagner | Applied Decision Science
Gary Klein, Joseph Borders | ShadowBox
Robert Hoffman | IHMC
Terry Fairbanks | MedStar Health
Robert Hutton | Nottingham Trent University
Kathleen Mosier | TeamScape
Jeffrey Martin | DSI Consulting
Michael Collins
Jun Nara 
Daniel King
Richard T Barcheski