16th International Conference on NDM

October 25 – 27, 2022 | Orlando, FL + Virtual (Limited)

NDMA Open House: Explore the World of Naturalistic Decision Making


The NDMA Open House was held April 25, 2022, 10 am – 2 pm Eastern, as a free, virtual event. 


Nearly 400 people registered to attend, with ~40% being new to NDM and another ~40% being generally familiar. The remaining ~20% were NDM pros, several of whom shared presentations covering a variety of domains.

Presenters shared novel insights uncovered using the NDM perspective, applications of NDM findings for training and systems engineering, and some of the tools in the NDM toolkit.  

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Explore the talks below or on our YouTube Playlist.

Introductions & Keynote

Brian introduced the NDMA, the agenda, and announced the 16th International Conference on NDM


Gary discussed the purpose, history, and future of NDM.


Cedric offered his unique perspective in recently discovering NDM, and the powerful effect it has had on this professional outlook.


DISCOVERIES: Novel Findings from Diverse Domains

Robert shared insights from his decades-long study of weather forecasting.


Kathleen shared a fascinating look at aerospace teams.


Emilie’s extensive work in the rail industry offered novel findings about how work really gets done.


APPLICATIONS: Lightning Demos of NDM-Derived Products

Pam’s work focuses on sport, and she shared amazing results showing the effects of NDM-inspired training.


Laura and Oliver discussed their innovative work in virtual medical response training.


Cindy’s presentation demonstrated the award-winning application of cognitive systems engineering to the control and supervision of full-size, autonomous helicopters.


Neelam offered insights into the use of an NDM framework in accident analysis.


METHODS: Lightning Demos of NDM Tools

Lia shared her company’s novel application of virtual training environments for business skill training.


Julie’s work highlights the benefits of NDM for knowledge transfer.


Joseph covered the benefits of ShadowBox, an NDM-inspired toolkit for training cognitive skills.


Rob provided an overview of the CTA Institute, the premier source for training in cognitive task analysis.


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