Accelerating Workforce Training: Introducing the CTA in E/Affect Initiative

Accelerating Workforce Training: Introducing the CTA in E/Affect Challenge

This informational webinar replay outlines the purpose and parameters of CTA in E/Affect, a challenge sponsored by Schmidt Futures and the Naturalistic Decision Making Association to strengthen the case for Cognitive Task Analysis in the workplace.

Covered in This Webinar:

  1. How, and why, the CTA in E/Affect challenge came to be
  2. What the Association is looking for in submissions
  3. Audience Q&A
  4. Broader goals and implications

What is Cognitive Task Analysis?

CTA is a toolkit used by researchers, psychologists, and instructional designers to understand how high-performing professionals make decisions in challenging situations

CTA practitioners use various methods to “get inside the heads” of experts and translate their findings into learning experiences that help workers achieve proficiency at a faster rate.

A key tool for Naturalistic Decision Making practitioners, CTA has been implemented with much benefit in scores of industries for decades. This award will help document and publicize these successes and research the potential to accelerate expertise across critical future workforce roles.

Two-Stage Program

The grant will support a year-long project carried out in two stages.

Stage 1: CTA in Effect

The first stage will solicit case studies of CTA’s ROI and award $10,000 in total prize money to the most compelling submissions.

Stage 2: CTA in Affect

The second stage will identify high-value areas of opportunity for CTA-based training programs.

“We already know that many CTA projects have brought significant value to their sponsors,” says Brian Moon, the NDMA’s Executive Director. “Incentivizing the community to report these successes is the first step toward expanding the impact of CTA.”

Visit the CTA in E/Affect project page for full submission guidelines.

Please email with any further questions!