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Managing Change and Crises with Thomas Lahnthaler

March 21, 2023 | Thomas Lahnthaler, author of Navigating Beyond Crisis

Recorded on February 24, 2023

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Thomas is an experienced crisis manager, facilitator, and author. For the past two decades, he has worked in over 30 countries, started two companies, and published his first book last summer, called Navigating Beyond Crisis.

Thomas currently manages the leadership development of a global holding company. He advises companies globally on leadership and learning and has turned his passion for human dynamics into his profession, specializing in designing and facilitating experiential learning arenas. He constantly strives to get new perspectives, and his approach is heavily influenced by his work and time spent with indigenous peoples.

He currently resides in Norway, where he gets inspired by his two most excellent teachers, as he calls them, his children.

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