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Cognitive Task Analysis-Based Training with David Feldon

May 4, 2023 | David Feldon, Professor of Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences, Utah State University

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Show Notes

Today we welcome David Feldon, Professor of Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences, College of Education and Human Services, Utah State University.
Dr. Feldon’s research examines two lines of inquiry that are distinct but mutually supportive.

The first characterizes the cognitive components of expertise as they contribute to effective and innovative problem solving, as well as how they affect the quality of
instruction that experts can provide.

The second examines the development of research skills within STEM disciplines as a function of instruction and other educational support mechanisms. He also conducts some research into technology-facilitated instructional approaches and research methods for examining them.

David’s work currently focuses on:

  • Cognitive load and motivation with brain imaging and eye tracking
  • Longitudinal study of PhD students in the biological sciences
  • Simulation based assessments of open-ended problem solving.

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